The main mission of Fukuoka Triathlon is to give a strong bond among industry, government, and academic community. We aim to be a part of the local community and to hold this event on a regular basis, and to promote local community and trialthon competition as a sport. From Shikanoshima and Saitozaki, we'd like to be a great promoter of Higashi-ward area and Fukuoka City.

Fukuoka Triathlon 2022

Official Name

Fukuoka Triathlon 2022
2022 JTU Triathlon Age Group National Championship Series


26 June, 2022 (Sun)

Competition Distance

Standard Distance (including 1.5km swimming, 40km bicycle, 10km running)

Organized by

Fukuoka Triathlon Organizer Committee
(consists of: SDF, Fukuoka Triathlon Union, Japan Triathlon Union)

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Shikanoshima Island, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka *Shikanoshima Complete Course

1.5 km Swim: beach of Shikanoshima Island (750 m * 2 laps = 1.5 km)

40 km Bicycle: Shikanoshima Island (9.4 km * 4 laps = 37.6 km)

10 km Run: Shikanoshima Island Fishery Harbor (2 km * 5 laps = 10 km)


Swim: 1.5 km, Bicycle: 40 km (actual distance: 37.6 km), Run: 10 km (Standard Distance of 51.5 km)


Competition Day (26 June)
05:30am - 07:25am Transition area open
07:00am - 07:25am Swim Course Trial
07:30am - Opening Ceremony
07:45am - Swim Start
12:25pm Run Finish
12:30pm - Commendation / Closing Ceremony

NOTE: Swim and Bicycle will have a time limit at the goal respectively. Details to be announced.

Course map